Gaylord Korea

A niche chemical company expands its reach.

Here’s an example of how regular monitoring of web analytics can pay off:  One of our international clients, Gaylord Chemical,  had a steady, sustained increase of web traffic from Korea. Through methodical interpretation of data, we knew it represented an untapped opportunity and responded by developing a Korean version of their web site. Careful planning insured the look and the language were right for the market, and the hosting was local to Korea for search optimization.


The result?

An increase in qualified leads and a new stream of business. Annually the new site brings 2,644 unique visits and 6,972 page views.  Even better – a large percentage of visitors are actively searching for Gaylord Chemical Korea and their products: almost half, 39%, of the visits are from direct and referred searches, and 61% from organic searches.

Annual Unique Visits

Direct and Referred Searches


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