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A regional provider of childcare services needed help.

Long considered a bottom-rung player in the market, the company had recently undergone a new branding initiative for its 179 locations scattered across nine states. At the same time, the new brand needed to be inaugurated in a cost-effective way that converted parent visits to any given school into enrollment. Finally, the web site needed to increase value in the minds of potential parents, assuring them of quality care when it came to their children.


Alchemist implemented an entirely new and user-friendly website design that helped the childcare company provide an individualized feel over a sprawling territory. Each of the company’s school enjoyed its own page where interested parents could learn more about the director, the teachers, and the curriculum. Further, our creative team provided even more information through blog development, a steady flow of content, live chat, social media, and the easy facilitation of school visits.


At the time the social media accounts were managed by the individual locations with no structure. The corporate account had about 300 likes with the most popular school page at 100 likes. Alchemist brought all SM control into the corporate office and began began coordinating content with the website with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & LinkedIn Corporate page. We grew Facebook from the several hundred likes to more than 8,500 followers. Alchemist focused on heavy content generation in the form of blogs for boosts to site traffic & social posts to drive traffic to the site. The first 2 years were heavy audience building reaching out to influencers, parents, and potential parents to tell our story.



The result?

A 235% increase in web & social traffic over a five-year period, with a 676% increase in unique website visitor traffic, which speaks to a pronounced improvement in SEO strategy.

What’s more, site visits yielded a big uptick in activity in a host of ways.

Summer camp enrollments increased by 85%, requests for school tours rocketed by 1000%, and time on site increased six-fold.

From a competitive standpoint, site metrics bested all competition, including a national competitor for overall site traffic. With the foundation of a strong website and superior SEO, the client has been able to expand into two more states within the past couple of years.

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