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In the second year of  partnership with the Football Bowl Association, Alchemist continued to increase awareness of the positive benefits of bowl games. The theme pushed throughout the season was –  the bowl games are bigger than the game. In a myriad of ways, they benefit multiple groups – from players to fans to schools to the host communities.

To drive home the message, we utilized website blogs for content, social media and email. The mission: to 1) help curb the negative message by media pundits of “too many bowls” and 2) to promote the bowl season to fans, communities, etc to increase attendance at games. Alchemist began in September with daily social posts, weekly blog entries and bi-monthly emails to sport writers and pundits all leading up to the Announcement Sunday in December and followed with a heavy push toward the College Football Playoffs. Recap highlights of each bowl continued after the season until April 1.

During the bowl season, Alchemist sent teams to cover seven bowls. They attended team events, interviewed fans, business owners, coaches and players to get their take on the bowl season and what it meant for them.



  • increase in bowl attendance
  • Decrease in negative bowl speak
  • Substantial increased website traffic & social engagement



  1. The quantity of traffic to the website was significantly improved. The number of visits to the website increased by a factor of 15, a sign that the new website and additional lead-time to integrate the plan resulted in many more fans seeking out the FBA website as a go-to resource for a variety of information.
  2. The quality of the traffic to the website was remarkable, as evidenced by a very low “bounce rate,” which measures the percentage of visitors that leave the website within 30 seconds (a surrogate for indicating the website failed to deliver the content that was sought). Any bounce rate that is less than 20% is considered good; a bounce rate of less than 10% is considered excellent.  The FBA website had a bounce rate of just 4%, indicating that it was exceedingly effective at delivering the content people were seeking.
  3. The quantity of social media followers/members continued to grow exponentially. Twitter followers grew 55%, while Facebook followers grew by a factor of five. Overall, the reach of these two platforms combined was elevated ten-fold in comparison to Year 1.
  4. The newsletter(s) developed for the FBA appear to be gaining traction, admittedly measured through the metric of word-of-mouth. The newsletters could still increase in terms of regularity, yet this would largely be a function of bowl representatives providing more content to aid in achieving that goal.
  5. Essays by established veteran sports journalists appeared to be nearly unanimously embraced, helping to stem any potential tide of negative press from the bowls having teams with losing records or other common criticisms from dominating any news cycle.
  6. The #BiggerThanTheGame campaign appeared to effectively show how the FBA is more than staging 3.5 hour competitions, shifting the narrative noticeably.


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