A holistic approach to communication in marketing.

It’s making sure that you are being consistent in your marketing both online and offline.

Your company is more than one ad. Or a website. Or a press release. Instead, your company’s image is the sum total of every message you put out. And it is our job to make sure that message is consistent.

So with integrated marketing, we at Alchemist look at every aspect of the marketing equation, from what you say in the ads to what your say in the presentation. We provide brand-centered guidance to your staff to ensure that your key selling points are clear to any prospect they encounter. The result, a total marketing effort that delivers your message, no matter how and where it is received.

Here Is How We Can Help

Alchemist crafts messages that support your ideal brand.

We spend time creating the message that people will receive, positioning and branding that’s uniquely yours. That allows you to have real impact, not just create noise for your customers to ignore.

Getting started is as easy as a phone call:

It Starts With An Appointment – An old fashion face-to-face meeting is still one of the best ways to facilitate an effective conversation.
Tell Us What You Need – What are your objectives? Where have you been and where do you want to go?
We Do The ‘Legwork’ – A combination of research and years of experience bring vital intelligence to help your brand succeed.
Our Presentation To You – Let Alchemist Branding present our initial discovery and proposal.
What Happens Next? – Choose Alchemist Branding and we’ll get started with in depth discovery and laying the groundwork for a successful, organized campaign.
Give Us The Go Ahead – an official thumbs up and production begins.
Turn your brand to gold – and be prepared for a positive reaction from your market.